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At the IDIBGI we promote innovative culture and encourage science and our research to generate knowledge that eventually applies to health care practice to improve the health of society and our environment.
Interaction with our research staff is essential to identify results with the potential for transferral and commercialization derived from the IDIBGI's quality research, so they can become public-private collaborations, agreements and/or spin-offs that generate assets, products, processes, or services that reach the scientific community and the population in general.
We provide support throughout the process, from identifying opportunities to adopting them in clinical practice, favouring improvement in health outcomes, quality of care and safety for patients and professionals, in addition to generating a return that impacts the population and improving the research that is being carried out at the institute.

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”
Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi (Premi Nobel de Medicina 1937)  

Innovation at the IDIBGI

Innovating in the health sector is key. Bringing value to research results, especially the biomedical research generated by the IDIBGI research and care personnel and the surrounding institutions, is essential in advancing and strengthening the health system and its members, but above all it is vital in improving the quality of life and health of the population.

Innovation refers to a new or improved product or process (or a combination of the both) that differs significantly from existing products or processes and that is made available to potential users or can be implemented*.

The IDIBGI innovation area encourages innovation and the transfer of knowledge and / or research results in clinical practice to improve the health of people, generating a return to society and at the same time institutional sustainability. Although the services offered aim to cover all stages of innovation, the actions usually focus on: The detection and valuation of ideas / research results, management of the Intellectual Property Portfolio, management and monitoring of protection records and providing support in the search for financing and technological or commercial partners.

*Basat en la definició d’Innovació a OECD/Eurostat (2018), Oslo Manual 2018: Guidelines for Collecting, Reporting and Using Data on Innovation, 4th Edition, The Measurement of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Activities, OECD Publishing, Paris/Eurostat, Luxembourg.

The unit's team is made up of professionals with a scientific background and extensive experience in innovation and transfer, both in public institutions and the private sector. The unit's strategy is based on several lines, closely aligned with the institutional Strategic Plan.

Innovation Strategy and Management

Consolidate and professionalize the innovation unit, with the aim of adapting and developing the structure of the unit, improving the acquisition and management of innovation projects, and continuously training managers, support teams and researchers .
Enhance innovation in health, to stimulate innovative talent and support the planning and drafting of innovation projects.
Encourage technological and knowledge transfer, with the aim of supporting the valuation of ideas and the transferral of research results.
Enhance relationships with all innovation actors, in order to create a network of contacts and promote synergies between local and international innovation agents.
Innovation projects
Participació en xarxes


The unit has carried out a series of activities related to innovation since its creation, among others, support in the creation of clinical guides, the organization of innovation conferences, collaborations with companies for strategic projects such as the Imagenoma of Aging and projects for the Mental Health Network (Fujitsu Labs, Toshiba Medical Systems / Canon) or the management of the pandemic originated by COVID-19 (HIPRA - collaboration for the development of an ELISA kit for the detection of COVID-19), as well as managing the intellectual property portfolio (9 patent families and 2 utility models), and supporting the creation of two spin-off companies (Goodgut and MetaboStem).

Innovation projects

The Innovation and transference Unit offers a personalized service to research personnel in relation to innovative ideas and inventions originating in the IDIBGI, with a process of internal and external support and advice in conjunction with sector experts (consulting, intellectual property agents, legal advice).

With the support of other BDU personnel we also offer advice on the impact of research results, an aspect of particular importance in developing competitive proposals.


Are you an investigator at the IDIBGI or an associated institution and have an innovative project?

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If you have an invention or innovative project and want advice or want to request intellectual property protection contact us and download the Innovation File. 

Innovation file

Participation in networks

The IDIBGI is a member of the E-hospital Group, the Plataforma de Innovación en Tecnologías Médicas y Sanitarias (ITEMAS) funded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the Agencia Estatal de Investigación.


The members of the innovation team are members of the Asociación de Profesionales de Transferencia, Innovación y Gestión de la Investigación (RED TRANSFER).


We are part of the REGIC, Red de Entidades Gestoras de Investigación Clínica hospitalaria y biosanitaria.



i4KIDS Hub d’Innovació Pediàtrica (HIP) consists of more than 30 institutions of the R+D+I ecosystem of Catalonia and counts with the participation of 3 research groups from IDIBGI:

The IDIBGI is part of the Xarxa d'Innovació de Noves Tecnologies en Salut Mental (TECSAM Network) which promotes innovation in mental health. Specifically, the Mental Health and Addictions research group participates in this network.

Knowledge transfer

Technology offer
Clinical Guidelines
Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory
Clinical research

Technology offer

Serena Leal Joaquín, Gubern Mérida Maria Carme, Silva Blas Yolanda, Terceño Izaga Mikel, Bashir Viturro Saima, Castillo Sánchez José, Sobrino Moreiras Tomás
Publication number: WO2020234269
Publication date: 2020-11-26

Oferta tecnològica

José Manuel Fernández-Real, Jordi Mayneris, María Arnorriaga, Rafael Maldonado López, Aurelijus Burokas, Andrés Moya, Vicente Pérez-Brocal
Gut microbiota composition and uses thereof.
Publication number: EP20382592.2

Oferta tecnològica

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Clinical Guidelines

Text under construction.


GoodGut is a biotechnology start-up that emerged from the IDIBGI-led Digestive diseases and microbiota research group under Dr. Xavier Aldeguer, and the Universitat de Girona (UdG). GoodGut is engaged in the research and development of non-invasive systems that support the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases based on intestinal microbiota as a determining factor.

MetaboStem was a biotechnology company that emerged from the Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO) and the Metabolism and Cancer Research Group led by Dr. Javier Menéndez. Focused on the development of oncological drugs aimed at Cancer Stem Cells (CSC). It ceased activity in 2016.

Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory

An example of successful impact of technological transference from the IDIBGI materialized in the provision of services by the Cardiovascular genetic Research Group, where the genetic Diagnostic Laboratory (LDG) is located, a joint initiative of the ICS and IDIBGI led by Dr. Brugada, a national and international eminence in the genetic diagnosis of cardiovascular genetic diseases. 

LDG is an example of a translational initiative led by the institute, a reference laboratory dedicated to the diagnosis of cardiovascular genetic diseases, associated with arrhythmias and sudden death, among others. 

The IDIBGI's commitment to encourage LDG activities and services to be extrapolated to the private sector or hospitals in our country while maintaining the necessary scientific and quality standards has resulted in high-value scientific collaborations and a return to the research of the institute.

For more information visit Gencardio Diagnostics

Clinical trials and observational studies

Within the strategy of promoting innovation and transfer to healthcare practice is the activity related to clinical research carried out at healthcare institutions in the area and/or associated with IDIBGI (clinical trials and observational studies), giving patients access to cutting-edge therapies or technologies and establishing links with the pharmaceutical industry, which is often the promoter of this activity.

This research is essential to be able to improve existing therapies and treatment, as well as to find new ones, and to be able to provide the population with better and better quality care.

Clinical trials and observational studies in different therapeutic areas and for different indications are currently being carried out within the framework of clinical research at IDIBGI.

For more information visit Clinical Research or Clinical Trials Unit.


The IDIBGI collaborates with entities, private companies, organizations, and associations through strategic alliances that help promote research initiatives in the field of health, give value to technologies that arise from biomedical research to implement them in the Catalonian health system and the territory. We work to establish strategic alliances with the businesses that result in knowledge of great scientific value and allow us to carry out transfer processes.

Are you a company or institution with an innovative project or challenge and would like to collaborate with the IDIBGI?

Leicester Cough Questionnaire

IDIBGI has the exploitation rights of the Spanish translation of the Leicester Cough Questionnaire, from the Pneumology Service, resulting from an initiative led by Dr. Montserrat Vendrell.

If you are interested in the Spanish translation of the questionnaire, please contact us.


If you are a company and want to collaborate with the IDIBGI on an innovative project,
If you are an investigator at the IDIBGI or an associated institution and you have an innovative idea,
If you are an investigator and want to collaborate with other institutions or companies,
If you are an investigator and need advice regarding intellectual property, creation of companies or technology valuation,

Marc Serra Masramon

Head of Innovation