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Ageing Imagenoma

The IDIBGI has led the project AGEING IMAGENOMA.  The aim of the project was to determine healthy ageing patterns. To do this, different health tests were performed on more than 1,000 volunteers from the province of Girona aged 50 years and over and who are in a good state of health. The sample of participants was guaranteed to be a significant representation of the general population.

All volunteers underwent a whole-body magnetic resonance (MR), a carotid ultrasound, different psychometric tests on mental health, anthropometric measurements, taking of blood, stool and urine samples and general health measurements, among others. With all of these samples and data we were able to create a population big data repository for structural, functional and metabolic MR imaging of the human body (Ageing Imagenoma), to determine the degree of association between whole-body MR imaging biomarkers and omics with health risk factors, multiple biopsychosocial parameters, fragility and morbidity/mortality; to create an atlas of population ageing based on whole-body MR imaging and “omics”.

The project was led by the Medical Image research group of the IDIBGI, with Doctors Salvador Pedraza and Josep Puig


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PROJECT Girona, Health Livinglab

The IDIBGI is leading the “Girona, Health LivingLab” Operation of the PECT Project “Girona Healthy Region”, coordinated by the Diputació de Girona (with the official code GO03-001848), and which is also includes the participation of Dipsalut, Fundació Salut Empordà and the Universitat de Girona.

The Main Objective of the Project is to turn the province of Girona into a leading territory which promotes people’s ability to increase their control over their health and its determining factors. The objective comes under the ERDF Operational Programme ‘Catalonia’ 2014-2020: To promote research, technological development and innovation (OT1).

The “Girona, Healthy LivingLab” Operation aims to transform the territory of Girona into an environment that favours the promotion of health and the prevention of the most prevalent chronic diseases, and to impact on determinants of health, psychosocial factors, risk factors, lifestyles, aspects of quality of life and chronic and prevalent diseases, therefore creating a collection system for systematic information both for the population as a whole and for specific groups throughout the territory.

Furthermore, Girona Health LivingLab will facilitate communication with the public to improve their education and control over their health. It will also promote communication between researchers, administrations, health institutions and businesses, both in terms of carrying out studies, exchanging ideas, coordinating the promotion of health throughout the territory, and in terms of facilitating the application and assessment of technological interventions and tools applied to health and well-being.


The Project was presented to the call for the Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project (PECT) under RIS3Cat and the ERDF Operational Programme ‘Catalonia’ 2014-2020 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the ERDF Operational Programme ‘Catalonia’ 2014-2020 with aid of €710,188.8 and by the Diputació de Girona with aid of €355,094.4.


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