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Gencardio Diagnostics is a reference laboratory in cardiovascular genetics accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya according to the CatSalut 6/2015 instruction, born from the joint initiative between the Institut Català de la Salut and the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI).

Gencardio Diagnostics is the first laboratory in Catalonia dedicated to the diagnosis of hereditary cardiovascular diseases. The laboratory has its origins in the Cardiovascular Genetics Research Group, a group with consolidated clinical and research experience in the field of hereditary heart diseases, leading in the discovery of some of these diseases, such as Brugada syndrome, and in the elaboration of the most important clinical guidelines.

Since 2017 Gencardio Diagnostics has been working under a quality system based on ISO9001:2015.

Gencardio is an example of IDIBGI's successful impact on technology transfer materialised in the provision of diagnostic services for cardiovascular genetic diseases associated with arrhythmia and sudden death and other pathologies.
To maintain quality, stay up to date with advances in the field, and provide the best possible service for clients and users, it is essential to be able to manage specialised testing for rare family diseases from a centre that combines diagnosis with research in the same field. The professionals at Gencardio Diagnosticos combine the development of high-performance genetic tools with the accompaniment of the clinical professional both in the triage of the necessary genetic study and in patient counselling and decision making.

Gencardio Diagnostics has developed different panels available for genetic diagnosis and has several collaborations with foundations and companies for the development of genetic panels for different diseases, their manufacture and commercialisation.
Gencardio Diagnostics also collaborates with the Institut Català d'Oncologia (ICO) and the Hospital Universitari Dr. Josep Trueta with a cancer somatic genetics panel, available to the public health system.

Gencardio Diagnostics offers services to the private sector or hospitals in our country and/or internationally, maintaining the necessary scientific and quality standards.
Technical services:
1. Extraction and quantification of DNA.
2. Sanger sequencing service.
3. Sequencing service by MiSeq of Illumina.
4. PCR real-time service.

We collaborate with companies and foundations for the creation of genetic analysis tools:
1. Design of strategies for genetic assessment by genotyping or NGS panels.
2. Validation and fine-tuning of genotyping projects and NGS panels.
3. Bioinformatics tools for assessing genetic results.
4. Development of genetic reports.
Fees valid from 04/12/2024.
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If you are interested in genetic diagnosis services, please contact Dr. Ramon Brugada or visit the Gencardio website.

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