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Pyrosequencing is a technique used to determine the percentage of DNA methylation in a sample. DNA methylation involves the addition of methyl groups to cytosine residues and is an epigenetic mechanism that regulates gene expression.

Pyrosequencing is performed on bisulphited DNA. During the bisulphination process, free cytosine residues are converted into uracils, while cytokine residues attached to methyl groups remain in cytosine form. Thus, with the subsequent sequencing, the methylated cytosines can be identified and the degree of methylation (%) of that sample can be determined.

Our pyrosequencing service has a PyroMark Q48 (Qiagen) and offers the services of DNA extraction, bisulphitation, BS-PCR (amplicon generation) and pyrosequencing.


Fees valid from 04/12/2024.
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