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Statistical Unit


The IDIBGI's Statistical Unit provides researchers with the methodological and statistical support necessary for the performing research projects in the field of biomedical research with the aim of promoting and enhancing high quality research.

Portfolio of services

Advice and creation of research projects
Data treatment and analysis
Communication of scientific results

Advice and creation of research projects

  • Advice and/or methodological review of the research protocol.
  • Calculation and justification of the sample size.
  • Specific description of the statistical analysis methods and techniques.
  • Advice and/or review of the design and creation of the data collection sheet.

Data treatment and analysis

  • Advice and/or review of the design and creation of the database
  • Exploratory/descriptive data analysis.
  • Analysis of relationships / assistance with modelling.
  • Design and validation of measuring instruments.
  • Diagnostic tests.

Communication of scientific results

  • Preparing tables and graphs.
  • Statistical method explanation.


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