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Training plan

At the IDIBGI we encourage and prioritize the continuous training of our professionals.

Our HR and other Research Support departments schedule training and general or specific interest courses for staff to acquire new skills and further their knowledge.

We work transversally to detect, collect and strategically organize all improvements to the skills of the IDIBGI team.

The main objective is to facilitate the achievement of the institution’s goals with the contribution of the entire team, which is a well-trained team with the necessary knowledge to achieve success.


As a biomedical research centre located in the province of Girona, the aim of the IDIBGI is to generate and develop knowledge about important medical issues and to use this knowledge to contribute to the training of health professionals and those in the field of biomedicine. We want to stimulate synergies between entities in the area to promote interaction with research, assistance activity, the business sector and university teaching.

The IDIBGI is a research centre affiliated to the University of Girona (UdG). Part of our senior research team and the Leading Researchers teach at the UdG and other universities and/or centres in Catalonia.

Together with assistance and research, teaching is the third branch of activity at the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital of Girona. Each year more than 900 students pass through this centre (undergraduate and post-graduate, mostly in nursing and medicine, although there are students of other disciplines such as dietetics and nutrition, physiotherapy, pharmacy and students on training modules (laboratories, pathological anatomy, radiology, care techniques for nurses, etc.).

Placements and practical study periods

At the IDIBGI we aim to promote, develop, manage and disseminate biomedical and health research among the districts of the province of Girona. This is why the IDIBGI encourages hosting students so that they can complete their training through curricular or extra-curricular practical study periods, and have the option to closely understand biomedical research.
At the same time, the IDIBGI also collaborates by hosting placements in which professionals from other institutions come to our installations to collaborate or complete their research.

If you would like to apply, you can do so via the following questionnaire.