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Your health is our research, help us to make it real. You can collaborate with us in many ways:

Donate to research
Leave your legacy of solidarity
Your solidarity campaigns
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I would like to make a donation

Your contribution goes entirely to the fulfilment of the foundational aims of the IDIBGI, with the aim of supporting the biomedical research that is carried out at our centre.

By collaborating with us, you help us to...

  • To undertake new research projects or continue to support existing projects.
  • Hire researchers and research support staff.
  • Renew equipment or acquire material or new state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Adapt our facilities to the needs of our researchers. 

With all this... we can continue researching for the improvement of the quality of life and good health of people.

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Research requires and consumes resources; any help is very welcome.

Your contribution is decisive in improving research in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.


What does the Llegat Solidari consist of?

To leave a legacy or inheritance in favour of IDIBGI at the time of making the will. In front of the notary you have to indicate what you want to convey to the institution.

You can collaborate by leaving cash, a percentage of your estate, or a specific item (properties, jewels, works of art...).

It is very important that the notary include the following data:

  • Company name: Institut d'Investigació Biomèdica de Girona Dr. Josep Trueta.

  • Registered office: C/ Dr. Castany s/n, Parc Hospitalari Martí i Julià- Edifici M2 17190 Salt, Girona.

  • TIN: G17432592


The institution will receive the donation tax-free, since it is an organization except from Inheritance Tax and Documented Legal Acts tax.

If you need more information about this form of collaboration or if you need to solve any doubts about it, you can contact us at (Ferran Pedró) or calling 872 987 087.

Every day there are more people, foundations, institutions, companies and associations that collaborate with us.

You can do it too!

You can collaborate by organising various solidarity events in favour of IDIBGI research.

Markets, concerts, dinners, sporting events, exhibitions, or any other activity that will surely come to you before it comes to us!

Also, from your company and/or shop you can sell products and raise funds for IDIBGI research.

Your head and your heart are solidarity, but so are your hands. That's why we encourage you to be creative and make solidarity products, the sale of which will help us to make our research a reality.

We show you some examples of solidarity campaigns:
If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at! All ideas are welcome!

If you have any doubts about making a donation, contact me!

Ferran Pedró i Costa

Tel: 872 98 70 87 (Ext. 26)
Mobile phone: 616 56 35 03

Advantages of your donation

Individuals (IRPF)

To 150 €
Remaining amount
Deduction state tranche
35% / 40% (*)
Autonomous deduction
60% / 35% (*)
  • With regard to the state deduction, the limit of the base for calculating the deduction is 10% of the taxpayer's net taxable income.
  • As far as the regional deduction is concerned, it is limited to 10% of the total regional tax liability.

Companies (IS)

Total amount
Deduction of IS quota
35% / 40% (*)
  • The limit of the deduction base is 1'% of the corporate tax base. The excess can be applied in the tax periods ending in the following 10 years.
  • Deductions that could not be applied due to insufficient taxable income can be applied in the tax periods ending in the following 10 years.

(*) The new law on the tax regime for non-profit organisations tries to promote the continuity of donations, increasing the deduction when the donation has also been made to the same organisation in the previous two years for amounts equal to or greater, in each period, than in the previous year.