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Citometry and Cell Sorting

Flow cytometry is a multiparametric analysis technique used to detect and measure physical and chemical characteristics of a population of cells or particles that pass one by one through a laser. This multiparametric study collect information regarding size and structural complexity as well as antigenic, biophysical or biochemical characteristics allowing us to analyse subpopulations in complex samples. A cell sorting equipment has the same benefits as flow cytometer while incorporating the ability to separate particles or cells selectively.

Since 2022 our cytometry facility hosts one analyser cytometer (Accuri C6). The platform has been used for several IDIBGI groups. In the same year, IDIBGI has received funding (IFEQ22/00076) for the acquisition of a cell sorting cytometer, which will increase the services offered by our cytometry facility.



If you are interested in using the platform, please contact: