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The Infections, sepsis and multi-organ dysfunction in the patient group was initially created as a group of professionals from the intensive care medicine department of the Hospital Josep Trueta with the aim of understanding the pathogenesis of infections and sepsis in the critically ill patient. Subsequently it has become more complex and now includes the critical patient as a whole, sepsis and multi-organ dysfunction, all within an intensive care environment that aims to be more humanised (H-ICU).

The scope of action is in the ICU of the Hospital Doctor Josep Trueta in Girona and the ICU of the Hospital Santa Caterina in Salt, which share intensive care professionals from the same service.

Main lines of research
  • Research in infections and antibiotic treatment of critically ill patients
  • Research on sepsis and septic shock
  • Research in microbiota of the critically ill patient
  • Research in critical patient nutrition
  • Research in sedation, analgesia and delirium
  • Research in neurocritical patient
  • Research in fluids and extracorporeal clearance techniques
  • Research in ventilation and oxygenation techniques
  • Research in humanisation of the critical patient and post-ICU syndrome
  • Research and clinical trials at COVID-19
Strategic objectives

After 10 years with a strategic line basically of studies on infectious diseases of the critical patient and phase III clinical trials of new antibiotics, in recent years everything has become more complex and broader and now the strategic lines are more varied but we want to group them in the same research group.

Thus the grouping of different lines and projects helps to increase the power and strength of the group of studies of the critical patient.


Is serum hyperosmolality related with myocardial dysfunction in septic shock patients?


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Competitive projects
Clinical guidelines
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