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A tool for assessing symptom perception of people with schizophrenia: The PRISS Scale

4 September 2023

The research community has a growing interest in understanding how people with schizophrenia perceive their own symptoms, medical care, and the treatments they receive. This information can be invaluable to mental health professionals in improving the clinical effectiveness of interventions and the quality of care.

The Mental Health and Addictions research group of IDIBGI, composed of professionals from the Mental Health and Addictions Network of the Institute of Health Care (IAS), has participated in the creation of a tool to give a voice to people diagnosed with schizophrenia and to collect their perceptions in relation to their pathology.

This is the PRISS scale (Patient-Reported Impact of Symptoms in Schizophrenia Scale), a questionnaire that professionals can ask their patients in the consultation room, and that the diagnosed persons themselves can also answer directly through the web page.

This tool is based on the PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) concept to measure the self-reported experiences of people with schizophrenia, that is, the person's analysis of his or her own behavior. The questionnaire addresses a series of items grouped into three main blocks: productive subjective experiences, affective-negative subjective experiences and arousal.

The PRISS scale has been created jointly with the University of Malaga, the Andalusian Regional Government, the University of Cadiz, the Sant Joan de Déu Health Park and the Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga.


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