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EM-Line! Project: Cognitive rehabilitation from home

Neurodegeneration and Neuroimflammation group - Drs. J Gich, C Coll, J Salavedra, J Freixenet, Ll Ramió
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About the project

The main objective of the EM-Line! project is to provide a tool for patients to carry out cognitive rehabilitation from home, adapting, extending and improving the available material.


Summary of the idea:

The EM-Line! ( is a cognitive rehabilitation programme for people with neurological diseases or acquired brain damage. Its main features are: (1) it can be used from home, without interfering with daily life activities and promoting the patient's autonomy, (2) it is innovative and attractive, and (3) it is completely free of charge for the patient.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

The main objective of the project EM-Line! project is to provide a tool for patients to do cognitive rehabilitation from home. Rehabilitation material (written and manipulative) was created with 3 main characteristics in order to increase adherence to the treatment: (1) the material is attractive, (2) it has clues to help solve the problem independently and (3) it has a wide range of levels of difficulty.

Once the material had been developed, a pilot study was carried out that yielded positive results (Gich et al., 2015) and was classified as class II scientific evidence in a subsequent review (Goverover et al., 2018). Finally, we began to adapt this material for online distribution due to the many advantages it offers over other distribution systems (it allows more people to be reached, preserves control of project management, etc.).