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Accounting audit and oversight reports
Annual report of the Code of Conduct
Grants and financial aid

Annual accounts

This section contains the information regarding the annual accounts that are the final point of the accounting sequence.

Approved, executed, and liquidated budgets

Here you can find information regarding budgets and their execution. The Annual Budget Act contains the income and the expense forecasts that must be executed during the fiscal year, as well as the explanation of the objectives that are intended to be achieved in the different policies with the resources allocated.

Approved budgets

See in the above Annual Accounts section, Annex I of the documents, with the executed and liquidated budgets.

Annual report of the Code of Conduct

The IDIBGI does not make temporary financial investments in the stock market. Consequently, it does not usually prepare any report on compliance with the code of conduct that non-profit organisations must follow when making this type of investment, in accordance with the agreement of 20 November 2003 of the Board of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The temporary financial investments made by the IDIBGI in recent years correspond exclusively to term deposits in order to obtain a certain return on cash balances.

In the financial year 2023 the IDIBGI Board of Trustees approved a Policy on Temporary Financial Investments, as well as a code of conduct relating to them. Furthermore, it decided, in accordance with the investment policy, to appoint an Investment Committee made up of experts in the field, to advise on the correct application of the investment policy. This committee prepares a Financial Investment Report annually, regardless of whether the products in which IDIBGI invests can be classified as such, and therefore the reports made from the financial year 2023 onwards are published, with the exception of the report prepared in 2020 as a result of the receipt of a legacy that was made up of financial products.



This section contains the inventory of real estate, furniture of special value and the asset management information.

Heritage managementMovable goods of special valueInventory of fixed assets

Documentation in force as of 29/05/2024.

Grants and financial aid

The IDIBGI has no grant activity. The public grants and funding awarded are of an internal nature and in collaboration with related entities (internal mobility grants, transfer of money for research staff intensification to related entities).