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Fràter lends an Immersive Virtual Reality equipment to IDIBGI

8 August 2023
  • The projector will be used in a project to evaluate the impact of the use of this technology in learning emotional regulation and other specific interventions in people suffering from a mental disorder.
  • This line will be led by IDIBGI's Mental Health and Addictions research group, made up of professionals from the Mental Health and Addictions Network of the Girona Health Care Institute (IAS).

The Fràter de Girona association has loaned immersive virtual reality equipment to the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI). For one year, the project will be available to research staff to evaluate the potential of this innovative technology in the field of health. Initially, the equipment will be used in a research project on emotional regulation of patients with different diseases, through immersive virtual reality.

Immersive virtual reality is an emerging tool that is beginning to be successfully applied in the field of health, which opens up a wide field to explore through biomedical research. In this sense, some IDIBGI research groups, such as Cerebrovascular Pathology or Neurodevelopmental Disorders, are already investigating possible applications of immersive virtual reality in health.

The Fràter association is dedicated to promoting the growth of people with disabilities and works for a more egalitarian society through various initiatives. In June the equipment was delivered to IDIBGI by the president of the Fràter association of Girona, Joan Vicenç Cordonet, and the project director, Enric Pérez, in a meeting with the director of the research center, Marga Nadal, the care director of the Mental Health and Addictions Network of the Institute of Health Care (IAS), Claudi Camps, and the IDIBGI and IAS researcher, Eva Frigola.

This August, a training session was held by the company that developed the equipment, Broomx, with the participation of Jordi Cid, head of the Mental Health and Addictions research group and coordinator of the Mental Health and Addictions Network of the IAS, Eva Frigola, consolidated researcher of the same group, and Yolanda Silva, consolidated researcher of the Cerebrovascular Pathology research group of the IDIBGI, and neurologist of the Stroke Unit of the Neurology Service of the Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital.

Immersive Virtual Reality for Emotional Regulation

There are many illnesses associated with the appearance of symptoms of depression and anxiety. This first project aims to evaluate the impact of the integration of immersive virtual reality in the usual treatment of anxiety and depression that appear in some people with mental illness and other medical disorders.

The research will be led by the Mental Health and Addictions research group of IDIBGI and the Mental Health and Addictions Network of the Institute of Health Care (IAS), and collaborations with other IDIBGI research groups will also be explored.


IDIBGI is a biomedical research institute that is part of the CERCA system of the Generalitat de Catalunya, dedicated to translational, clinical and epidemiological research aimed at improving the health and care of people. The Institute is made up of 22 research groups that conduct research in six health areas: cardiovascular and respiratory, oncohematology, metabolism and inflammation, neurosciences, mental health and medical imaging. Currently, in addition to having its own research staff, the IDIBGI manages the research carried out by health professionals from the Dr. Josep Trueta and Santa Caterina Hospitals, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) in Girona, the Institute of Health Care (IAS), the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) in Girona, and the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (IDI).


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