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Clinical trial launched to evaluate ApTOLL, the medicine for patients with stroke

3 January 2023

The main objective of the ApTOLL project is to complement the clinical trial currently in Phase II, called RaceTOLL. ApTOLL is a neuroprotective drug that achieves positive and effective results in ischemic stroke. Thus, it significantly reduces mortality and the patient's long-term functional disability.

The research project Clinical trial to evaluate the administration of ApTOLL in ambulances and the neuroprotective effect in stroke patients. RACETOLL led by Dr. Mikel Terceño of the Cerebrovascular Pathology group of IDIBGI, has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation with an amount of 373,230.00 €.

The aim of the project is based on the direct administration of the drug in the previous hospital actions, specifically to the ambulance. Stroke can be caused by a significant decrease in blood flow to the brain or by hemorrhage caused by the rupture of a cerebral vessel. Ischemic stroke is the most common type and accounts for 85% of all strokes.

The ApTOOL required the participation of collaborating centers, the Emergency Medical Service (SEM) and researchers, who already had experience in this type of clinical trial, such as the RACECAT trial. This trial already focused on administering the corresponding drug directly to the ambulance.


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