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The selective process is called for the coverage of 1 place for research support at the BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF GIRONA DR. JOSEP TRUETA (IDIBGI) to be part of the research project "Operation" Girona, Health LivingLab "(Code GO03-001848) within the framework of the PECT Project" Girona healthy region ", funded by: 50% in charge of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014- 2020. Resolution GAH / 815/2018 by which the Projects of Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness (PECT) are framed in the RIS3Cat and the PO FEDER of Catalonia 2014-2020. Project: Girona, a healthy region. Operation: Girona, Health LivingLab (IDIBGI beneficiary entity. Code GO03-001848) 25% by the Diputació de Girona. Drafting Decree Call PECT. UAC European Programs / 029. PECT Resolution Definitive no. 2016/1483. Approved on 07/27/2018.

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