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The Clinical Research Unit (UIC) at ICO Girona is a structure that evaluates and carries out research with patients at the center.

Its mission is to develop quality clinical research at the centre to improve the treatment of cancer patients.

UIC organisation chart

This structure has a person in charge in the center, a professional with accredited training and experience in clinical research, who leads the UIC team, plans, and organizes their activities, and is the ultimate responsible for them, to guarantee the fulfillment of the commitment of the organization with the institution, the patients participating in trials, the clinical services, the researchers and the sponsors of the trials, achieving quality in the clinical research performed by the unit. The head of the UIC carries out the necessary advisory tasks to the management team of the center and the researchers in all the scientific, methodological and ethical aspects of studies with patients.

1. Recruitment 2019
2. Trials in active recruitment + trials in monitoring
3. Number of patients recruited in clinical trials

1. Number of clinical trials that have been active for recruitment in 2020:

A total of 80 clinical trials. This is a good indicator of the activity and quality of a Research Center / Institute because it is a reflection of the therapeutic offer that patients have. It is important that it can be compared to previous years so that we get an idea of the dynamism of the clinical research activity.
Below are all the pathologies involved:
The number of clinical trials available for recruitment increased by 19% compared to the previous year.

* Trials by phase (Total 80 trials in active recruitment)

Participation in clinical trials at an early stage is another relevant indicator in a Research Center / Institute.
Early phase trials
Phase I
Phase I/II
Rest of phases
Phase I
Phase III

2. Total number of clinical trials that have been active (trials in active recruitment + monitored trials):

The overall activity in clinical reseach has increased by 11% compared to the previous year.

3. Number of patients recruited to clinical trials (the activity of observational studies is not counted here)

Despite the pandemic situation in 2020, the number of patients included in clinical trials has almost reached the same level as last year's recruitment figures.


Dra. Begoña Martín
Clinical Research Unit Manager
Institut Català d'Oncologia (ICO)
Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr. Josep Trueta
Av. de França s/n, Girona, 17007
Tel: 972 22 58 28 (Ext. 4028)