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Is it possible to modify the properties of mucus to improve its elimination and demonstrate whether this helps to reduce infection and chronic bronchial inflammation?

Respiratory group Drs. Vendrell, M. i Muñoz, G.

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About the project

Benefits of the combination of inhalation of inhaled hypertensive serum and respiratory physiotherapy in bronchiectasis


Summary of the idea:

In bronchiectasis, the composition of mucus and its drainage is altered, a fact that facilitates chronic bronchial infection that alters quality of life and promotes progression. We have previously demonstrated the benefits of physiotherapy in the elimination of mucus and in the control of the disease. Now we want to act on the composition of the mucus by reducing its density with the inhalation of hypertensive serum prior to respiratory physiotherapy to improve the elimination and thus the control of the disease.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

The main objective is to evaluate the effect of the combination of once-daily 7% HS and twice-daily ELTGOL technique in mucus clearance in patients with bronchiectasis compared both to once-daily isotonic saline and twice-daily ELTGOL technique and to twice-daily ELTGOL technique on its own.

This project is focus on mucus properties and improvement of mucociliary clearance, a subject where research has been scarce. The benefit expected is a reduction of the bronchial infection and inflammation that are the cause of progression and exacerbations. This strategy should be taken in to account in future research with other inhaled drugs given that they could reach bronchial epithelia in a better way. The measurement of mucus properties could be future tools to use in personalized treatments.

The main novelty is that it addresses changes on mucus clearance, mucus properties, clinical aspects, and quality of life over a long period of time (1year) in a multicentre study.