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More than 230 people and 24 Catalan celebrities at the "Sopar dels Miralls" solidarity dinner for biomedical research at IDIBGI

18 March 2024
  • The fourth edition of the solidarity dinner was held this Friday at Mas Solà, where diners shared a table with renowned people from the worlds of science, culture, business, sport and communication.
  • During the evening, the Institute of Biomedical Research of Girona recognised the commitment and support for research of Granés Fundació, Galetes Trias and La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners by presenting them with a plaque of appreciation.

More than 230 people attended the fourth edition of the "Sopar dels Miralls" on the evening of Friday 15 March, a charity dinner to support biomedical research at the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI). Organised by Planella Events with the support of IDIBGI, the dinner has become a unique opportunity to share a table with an admired person. This year it was held at the Mas Solà restaurant in Santa Coloma de Farners.

We all have role models who inspire us, people we look up to in order to follow their example. This is the concept of the "Sopar dels Miralls" (the "Mirrors Dinner"), in which diners were able to reflect themselves in 24 personalities: Toni Arbonès, Antoni Bassas, Pilarín Bayés, Jordi Bosch, Marta Bosch, Ramon Brugada, Magda Carlas, Josep Maria Fonalleras, Helena Garcia Melero, Martí Gironell, Àngels Gonyalons, Fotis Katsikaris, Tomàs Molina, Santiago Niño-Becerra, Laia Palau, Ada Parellada, Martí Peraferrer, Josep Puigbó, Edmon Roch, Lluís Roura, Raquel Sans, Glòria Serra, Jordi Villacampa and Vicenç Villatoro.

“The Sopar dels Miralls is a great reflection of the solidarity in the counties of Girona for IDIBGI's biomedical research. We are moved to see how the dinner grows with each edition, adding attendees and hosts year after year. All in support of research that works tirelessly to improve our health”, says the director of IDIBGI, Dr. Marga Nadal.

Recognition of the commitment to IDIBGI research

During the evening, IDIBGI recognised individuals and organisations that support research at the biomedical research centre. On the one hand, IDIBGI honoured the Granés Foundation, the driving force behind the Granés Foundation Grants. The grants enable the recruitment of young researchers who join IDIBGI's research groups in the field of disability. There are currently two in progress: one is investigating the causes that generate the physical and cognitive disability caused by Multiple Sclerosis. The other grant studies an innovative treatment of phobias in people with autism using Immersive Virtual Reality.

“The Granés Foundation grants combine our two aims: to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and to support young people in their specialised studies, in this case in the research of their doctoral thesis", says the president of the Granés Foundation, Raimon del Moral.

The IDIBGI has also awarded Trias Biscuits and La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners. In a joint initiative, Galetes Trias is selling a solidarity box designed and promoted by the school's students as part of an educational project. Vanessa Nueda, creator of the blog El crep de mi vida, is also collaborating in the project by sharing her oncological process with the students.

“We have been fortunate that Galetes Trias, with the help of Maria Trias, believes in our 4th ESO Service Learning project and each year gives a group of students the opportunity to live an incredible experience on a personal level that goes far beyond the classroom," says the director of La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners, Neus Martin, who adds: "It is an educational experience tinged with solidarity, real meaning and, above all, collaboration to make the world a little better, raising funds to research how to fight cancer in a less aggressive way than with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and thus improve the quality of life of the patients. "

For her part, the director of Trias Biscuits, Maria Trias, says: "The future is not foreseen, it is prepared. Guiding the 4th ESO students of La Salle de Santa Coloma in the launch of a box of solidarity biscuits helps us to accompany them in their education and guidance for their future. And if this initiative is aimed at helping IDBGI to promote research to preserve and improve people's health, we can say that the project is a great one", he concludes.

A joint effort

Many organisations and companies have come together to collaborate with this great cause, contributing in various ways to El Sopar dels Miralls, organised by Planella Events. Sponsors are the dealer Oliva Motor Girona, Concentrol and Friselva, and the following collaborated with the event: Hotel Mas Solà, Aqenaika, Cafès Cornellà, Scarlatta Collection, COMAS jewellers, serveis Gràfics PALAHÍ, Girona m’Impulsa, RAC1, Ràdio Olot, Ràdio Sarrià, Girona FM, Ràdio Salt and the cartoonist Joan Codina Negre. All of them have been key to making the evening a success.


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