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One of the IDIBGI's missions is to be a promoter of science and to bring research activity closer to the public, both in the counties of Girona and throughout the territory.

We promote scientific dissemination activities (participation in fairs and events, experiences, exhibitions, etc.) to raise awareness of biomedical research and its importance to the population and, specifically, to non-professionals in the health sector. Several of the scientific dissemination initiatives are aimed at children and adolescents, with the aim of fostering scientific culture and spirit and motivating research talent. The IDIBGI's dissemination activities include, among others:

  • Science fairs and events, such as: European Research Night, “Team Science” Girona Fair, Pint of Science, Women and Girls in Science Day, Science Week, among others.
  • Open Door Days.
  • Guided tours of IDIBGI laboratories for schools from secondary school upwards.
  • Guided tours of IDIBGI laboratories or public presentations of the institute aimed at companies, non-profit organisations, patient associations, patients and individuals.
  • Hosting of the exhibition Women Scientists 2020 at the Salt Water Museum and organisation of the Round Table (Women in Science).
  • Participation in the Girona “Fira de Mostres” (2018, 2019 and 2021).

       Children's story "Les aventures de la Bio i la Medi"

IDIBGI has promoted the creation of the informative story for children "Les Aventures de la Bio i la Medi" (Estrella Polar Edicions), written by Martí Gironell and illustrated by Pilarín Bayés, thanks to the Joan Oró Grant (call for applications 2022) from the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI).

In this story, Bio and Medi, two twins with an innate curiosity, begin to ask themselves questions about the human body when Bio suffers from a cold. Thanks to a magic potion, Medi travels inside Bio's body to the lungs, exploring the respiratory system and meeting characters who play an important role in the immune system. The story, in addition to captivating young readers with illustrations by Pilarín Bayés, promotes a positive vision of health, connecting with IDIBGI's biomedical research, from Martí Gironell's story.

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