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Can we design a protein that prevents COVID-19 from entering the lungs?

Chromosomal Replication Group Dr. Jordi Frigola
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About the project

Development of a new therapy to prevent access of the COVID-19 virus to the lungs


Summary of the idea:

Much of the mortality associated with COVID-19 is due to the inherent complications of viral infection of the lower respiratory tract (lungs).

We propose the development of a new therapeutic agent that helps the immune system to contain viral infection in the upper respiratory tract (mouth, nose, pharynx and larynx). This initial containment will reduce the number of cases with a more severe symptomatology of the disease and reduce mortality.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

The main objective of this project is to prevent the spread of the virus to the lungs. All viruses have a similar mechanism of infection, based on specific entry into the cell, similar to the way a single nail opens a certain panel.

We propose to limit the initial entry of the virus by interfering with this specific entry mechanism. For example, the equivalent would be to look for new molecules that are able to get inside the pump or cylinder of the panel, to prevent the nail from entering. In fact, this is the way our immune system acts in the face of a viral infection, the anticoagulants protect the virus/clause from entering the cell/pancreas.

If we are able to limit the spread of the virus, we can better control lung infection and ultimately reduce the number of serious cases associated with COVID-19.