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Investigador/a Consolidat - R3
Investigador/a Consolidat - R3


Codi oficial: PI19/01712 Data inici: 01/01/2020 Data fi: 31/12/2022 Investigador/a principal: JOSE MARIA MORENO NAVARRETE Organisme finançador: INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III Ajuda: 277,090 €
Codi oficial: 875534 Data inici: 09/07/2020 Data fi: 08/07/2025 Investigador/a principal: JOSÉ MANUEL FERNÁNDEZ-REAL LEMOS Organisme finançador: EUROPEAN COMISSION Ajuda: 300,000 €
Codi oficial: PMP21/00072 Data inici: 01/01/2022 Data fi: 31/12/2025 Investigador/a principal: JOSÉ MANUEL FERNÁNDEZ-REAL LEMOS Organisme finançador: INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III Ajuda: 141,185 €


Moreno-Navarrete JM, Latorre J, Lluch A, Ortega FJ, Comas F, Arnoriaga-Rodríguez M, Ricart W, Fernández-Real JM

Lysozyme is a component of the innate immune system linked to obesity associated-chronic low-grade inflammation and altered glucose tolerance.

CLINICAL NUTRITION, 2021, 40, 1420-1429

Comas F, Latorre J, Ortega F, Oliveras-Cañellas N, Lluch A, Ricart W, Fernández-Real JM, Moreno-Navarrete JM

Permanent cystathionine-ß-Synthase gene knockdown promotes inflammation and oxidative stress in immortalized human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells, enhancing their adipogenic capacity.

Redox Biology, 2021, 42, 101668-101668

Comas F, Latorre J, Ortega F, Arnoriaga Rodríguez M, Lluch A, Sabater M, Rius F, Ribas X, Costas M, Ricart W, Lecube A, Fernández-Real JM, Moreno-Navarrete JM

Morbidly obese subjects show increased serum sulfide in proportion to fat mass.


Morón-Ros S, Uriarte I, Berasain C, Avila MA, Sabater-Masdeu M, Moreno-Navarrete JM, Fernández-Real JM, Giralt M, Villarroya F, Gavaldà-Navarro A

FGF15/19 is required for adipose tissue plasticity in response to thermogenic adaptations.

Molecular Metabolism, 2021, 43, 101113-101113

Garre-Olmo J, Turró-Garriga O, Martí-Lluch R, Zacarías-Pons L, Alves-Cabratosa L, Serrano-Sarbosa D, Vilalta-Franch J, Ramos R

Changes in lifestyle resulting from confinement due to COVID-19 and depressive symptomatology: A cross-sectional a population-based study.

COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIATRY, 2021, 104, 152214-152214

Mayneris-Perxachs J, Cardellini M, Hoyles L, Latorre J, Davato F, Moreno-Navarrete JM, Arnoriaga-Rodríguez M, Serino M, Abbott J, Barton RH, Puig J, Fernández-Real X, Ricart W, Tomlinson C, Woodbridge M, Gentileschi P, Butcher SA, Holmes E, Nicholson JK, Pérez-Brocal V, Moya A, Clain DM, Burcelin R, Dumas ME, Federici M, Fernández-Real JM

Iron status influences non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obesity through the gut microbiome.

Microbiome, 2021, 9, 104-104

Rodríguez-Hermosa JI, Planellas-Giné P, Cornejo L, Gironès J, Recasens M, Ortega FJ, Moreno-Navarrete JM, Latorre J, Fernandez-Real JM, Codina-Cazador A

Comparison of Outcomes between Obese and Nonobese Patients in Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy: A Cohort Study.

DIGESTIVE SURGERY, 2021, 38, 237-246

Comas F, Latorre J, Ortega F, Arnoriaga Rodríguez M, Kern M, Lluch A, Ricart W, Blüher M, Gotor C, Romero LC, Fernández-Real JM, Moreno-Navarrete JM

Activation of Endogenous H 2 S Biosynthesis or Supplementation with Exogenous H 2 S Enhances Adipose Tissue Adipogenesis and Preserves Adipocyte Physiology in Humans.


Latorre J, Lluch A, Ortega FJ, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Comas F, Morón-Ros S, Rodríguez A, Becerril S, Villarroya F, Frühbeck G, Ricart W, Giralt M, Fernández-Real JM, Moreno-Navarrete JM

Adipose tissue knockdown of lysozyme reduces local inflammation and improves adipogenesis in high-fat diet-fed mice.

PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 2021, 166, 105486-105486

Moreno-Navarrete JM, Comas F, de Jager V, Fernández-Real JM, Bouma HR

Cecal Ligation and Puncture-Induced Sepsis Promotes Brown Adipose Tissue Inflammation Without Any Impact on Expression of Thermogenic-Related Genes.

FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, 2021, 12, 692618-692618

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