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Unitat d’Innovació i Transferència de l’IDIBGI: acompanyament en la translació dels resultats de recerca a la pràctica clínica

24 February 2022

An example of this transfer of biomedical research knowledge to the market is the spin-off from IDIBGI and the University of Girona, GoodGut, which in September was acquired by the multinational pharmaceutical company HIPRA.

Research has the capacity to provide innovative solutions that improve the healthcare system, whether through new treatments, therapies or processes. These solutions end up benefiting patients and their wellbeing, while at the same time, they benefit the research community itself, increasing the knowledge available in the various areas of biomedical research.

At IDIBGI we work to ensure that the results of all the research developed in our research groups are used to improve health and quality of life. The Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Unit of IDIBGI is in charge of this knowledge transfer. The objective of the Unit is that the knowledge generated in research reaches clinical practice.

The Innovation and Transfer Unit supports research personnel by offering training in innovation, intellectual property or entrepreneurship, among others. This Unit is also in charge of scouting, evaluating projects with innovative potential and advising on the protection of research results and intellectual property strategies. In addition, the Unit also provides support in the search for collaborations with companies for strategic projects, as well as in the management of the intellectual property portfolio, the exploitation of research results and support in the creation of spin-offs.

The GoodGut success story

A recent example born within IDIBGI's research is the spin-off of IDIBGI and the UdG, GoodGut, which last September was acquired by the multinational pharmaceutical company HIPRA. GoodGut develops pioneering technological solutions to diagnose digestive diseases in a faster, more reliable and cheaper way than the methods usually used. Recently, its co-founder and director, Dr. Mariona Serra, announced that they will open their market in Europe with the intention of extending the brand to the United States in the future.

You can read this weekend's interview with Dr. Serra in the Diari de Girona here.

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