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A crêpe for cancer research: solidarity campaign at the Vasarely de Girona

4 May 2022
  • The profits from all the chocolate pancakes served at the Vasarely Centre and Petit Vasarely on Friday May 6 will go to cancer research at the Institute for Biomedical Research of Girona (IDIBGI).
  • This is the second edition of the initiative, driven by Vanessa Nueda, who is a cancer survivor and who is behind @elcrepdemivida. The action resumes after it had to be suspended in 2020 as a result of COVID-19.

New solidarity campaign at the creperie Vasarely in Girona to raise funds for cancer research at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Girona (IDIBGI). It is an initiative promoted by breast cancer survivor Vanessa Nueda, which will be held next Friday, May 6. Throughout the day, the profits from the chocolate crepes served at the Vasarely creperie and Petit Vasarely in Girona will go to the research of the Chromosome Replication group at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Girona (IDIBGI).

The origin of this initiative lies in the moment of Nueda's diagnosis seven and a half years ago: "I was coming out of eating a chocolate crepe when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result of that diagnosis I made the decision to write a blog and tell my experience through social networks," explains Vanessa Nueda (@elcrepdemivida on Instagram). From there, Nueda has launched several solidarity campaigns: "We had already done more material things, with which the patient could touch and improve their immediate quality of life, but, in the end, research is the way forward".

The benefits of this day will go to the research of the Chromosome Replication group of IDIBGI, led by Dr. Jordi Frigola. "We study how cells copy their genetic material in order to duplicate and grow. Since most tumors have cell proliferation, i.e., the cells are growing, they must copy their genetic material. If we know how the cell copies the genetic material, we can interfere and design new drugs," the researcher explains.

This is the second edition of the solidarity crepe in collaboration with the Vasarely creperie in Girona. "We are always willing to carry out any act of solidarity and help whenever we can," says the owner of the Vasarely group, Amanda Pi. In fact, the second edition of the solidarity crepe against cancer was scheduled for March 13, 2020 but the pandemic and the confinement forced to suspend it.

Come on May 6 at the Vasarely Centre and Petit Vasarely. Throughout the day, the benefits of the chocolate pancakes will go to IDIBGI research! Come and collaborate!


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