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The Fundación Soria Melguizo awards a grant to the Neurodegeneration group for a Multiple Sclerosis project

17 December 2021

The head of the Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation research group at IDIBGI, Dr. Lluís Ramió-Torrentà, has received this Thursday the Biomedical Research Grant from the Fundación Francisco Soria Melguizo. The grant of 325,600 euros will go to the project "Study of molecular biomarkers of cognitive resilience in brain aging and neurodegeneration". The aim of the study is to search for molecular biomarkers in blood that help to predict which people with multiple sclerosis are susceptible to developing a cognitive disorder.

The Fundación's Board of Trustees, in agreement with its Scientific Advisory Board, decided to award this project the grant in the field of functional deterioration associated with aging. Specifically, the jury valued "the interest of the proposed topic, brain resilience, in the study of cognitive impairment, one of the main factors involved in the loss of functional autonomy during aging". Thirty-four projects were presented in the call for proposals.

The award ceremony was held this Thursday evening in the Assembly Hall of the Royal National Academy of Medicine in Madrid. Dr. Ramió received the diploma accrediting the grant, from the Secretary General for Research of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Ms. Raquel Yotti.

"Many thanks to the Fundación Francisco Soria Melguizo for promoting quality biomedical research in all its breadth and based on the values of transparency, ethics and social commitment", thanked Dr. Ramió in his speech at the event: The head of the research group also detailed that the project "aims to decipher the biological mechanisms involved in the preservation or cognitive impairment of people with physiological aging and in patients with multiple sclerosis".

The project was developed by the head of the Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation group at IDIBGI, head of the Neurology Service of the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona and Santa Caterina Hospital in Salt and associate professor at the UdG, Dr. Lluís Ramió-Torrentà, by the head of the group's research laboratory at IDIBGI, Dr. Anna Quiroga, and by one of the group's neuropsychologists, Clàudia Coll.

Credits: Fundación Francisco Soria Melguizo

About the Fundación Francisco Soria Melguizo

The Francisco Soria Melguizo Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the development of biomedical research, which it does by awarding various grants to scientific projects in this field of research. The Foundation thus fulfills the purposes of general interest that are typical of non-profit entities and, at the same time, meets the call contained in the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (2021-2023), as well as in the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (2021-2027), which declare as one of the preferred lines of action the strategic action in health and appeal to the participation of companies and organizations of civil society in the process of research, development and innovation (R+D+i).


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