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Seven IDIBGI researchers, in the Stanford and CSIC rankings

2 December 2022
  • Both rankings order the scientists who have had the most citations in the last year in the biomedical field.
  • Within the IDIBGI, Javier A. Menéndez and José Manuel Fernández-Real, the centre's leaders in both rankings, stand out.

Seven researchers from the Girona Biomedical Research Institute Dr. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI) are included in two rankings: Stanford University's Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% includes researchers at the international level, while the CSIC ranking includes researchers from research centres located in Spain, as well as academics of Spanish nationality researching in institutions outside the country.

Both rankings look at the impact of researchers, understood as the number of citations their research has, beyond the notoriety of the scientific journals in which the research is published. This indicator is one of the different ways of assessing the relevance of the science they carry out.

Stanford Ranking

Up to six IDIBGI researchers appear in the Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% published annually by Stanford University, which classifies the researchers with the greatest scientific impact worldwide. Within the institution, the annual and global rankings are headed by researchers Javier A. Menéndez and José Manuel Fernández-Real. In the case of Javier A. Menéndez, he is in the top 0.1% of researchers in the field of Oncology and Carcinogenesis.

The prestigious ranking, which is compiled every year by Stanford University in the United States, is based on the bibliometric information contained in the Scopus database to evaluate scientists by the impact of citations. The ranking standardises the number of citations and the h-index by means of a composite indicator ("c score") that calculates in an integrated way the scientific impact of each researcher in terms of citations of their discoveries, the main authorship of the work, the significance of the work for other researchers, and the length of time they have been active. As a result, a database of 195,605 top scientists in various fields of knowledge has been created, representing 2% of the most relevant researchers out of a total of almost 7 million active scientists worldwide.

IDIBGI researchers in the Stanford ranking - Impact in 2021:

AuthorGlobal scoreaKnowledge areaNº of researchers in the areaPosition in the a areaa

Javier A. Menendez


Oncology & carcinogenesis


348 (0.1%)

José Manuel Fernández-Real


Nutrition & dietetics


485 (0.7%)

Josep Garre-Olmo


Neurology & neurosurgery


4.002 (1.1%)

Jose Maria Moreno-Navarrete


Endocrinology & metabolism


1.298 (1.8%)

Ramon Brugada


Cardiovascular system & hematology


3.074 (1.6%)

Joan C. (Kai) Vilanova


Nuclear medicine & medical imaging


1.189 (1.2%)

a c-score: Composite score including all citations

IDIBGI researchers in the Stanford ranking - Impact taking into account the entire scientific career:

AuthorGlobal scoreaNº of articles (period)Knowledge AreaNumber of researchers in the areaPosition in the areaa

Javier A. Menendez


317 (2001-2022)

Oncology & carcinogenesis


704 (0.2%)

José Manuel Fernández-Real


511 (1991-2022)

Endocrinology & metabolism


483 (0.7%)

Ramon Brugada


389 (1992-2022)

Cardiovascular system & hematology


1.360 (0.7%)

a c-score: Composite score including all citations

See the full ranking here:

CSIC ranking

José Manuel Fernández-Real, Javier A. Menéndez and Joaquín Serena are among the 1% of the most cited Spanish scientists in the ranking published by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) for 2022. Their profiles are among the 1,000 Spanish scientists with the greatest impact in "Google Scholar", the world's most comprehensive academic database used by the CSIC to compile this ranking.

The CSIC list includes profiles of Spanish scientists working in national and international research centres and universities, as well as foreign researchers working in Spain. The ranking includes research personnel in all areas of science, not just biomedicine. In this edition, the list has grown to include more than 112,000 researchers, evaluating the number of citations until November 2022.

IDIBGI researchers in the CSIC ranking:


218 (0.2%)

José Manuel Fernández-Real



322 (0.3%)

Javier A. Menendez



618 (0.5%)

Joaquín Serena



See the full ranking here:


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