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How should hospital care professionals act when faced with people with mental health problems?

Mental Health and Addictions group Drs Cid, J., Frigola, E. and grup UFSP-XSMiA
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About the project

Taxonomy of incidents and adverse effects for patient safety in the field of mental health "SEGMENT".


Summary of the idea:

The aim of this project is to identify aspects associated with the person, the mental health problem they suffer, the professionals, the organisation of the care facilities, among others, which can modulate the effectiveness of the treatments administered, causing situations of risk for the person when they come into contact with the health environment where they are received; and to study how they act in the care facilities of community and hospital care.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

Our objective is to elaborate a taxonomy of incidents and adverse effects for patient safety in the field of mental health that describes the characteristics of patients and clinical care that constitute an avoidable Adverse Event for different clinical processes such as suicide temptation, self-harm, organic symptoms, comorbidity, falls, intoxication, maladaptive aggressive behaviour, overdose, etc. ..

Knowing the mechanisms involved in mental illnesses that in their interaction with the health system, at its different levels of care, may alter the evolutionary course of the illness itself or may cause a risk related to that of the illness itself will allow us:

1) the development of safer care programmes and protocols.

2) develop preventive programmes or interventions, which help to slow down the course of the disease and are more cost-effective

3) to develop more efficient, more personalised and safer technologies.