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High-Resolution Study of Social Inequalities in Cancer: A population-based multilevel study (HiReSIC)

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About the project

How do geographical and socio-economic differences influence the incidence of cancer?

Summary of the idea:

Cancer incidence is increasing worldwide, mainly due to population ageing. In order to tackle this "cancer epidemic", it is essential to study in depth the geographical and socio-economic differences in cancer incidence, mortality and survival of cancer patients. Cancer in disadvantaged socio-economic geographic areas shows a higher incidence and mortality rate than in wealthier geographic areas.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

The overall objective of the HiReSIC project is to characterise and assess the human and economic toll of socio-economic inequalities on cancer incidence, mortality and survival in Spain using a comparative multi-level approach. HiReSIC will describe and analyse the results of three of the most common cancer sites (lung, colorectal and breast) and two other cancer sites where access to new genetic and immunological treatments may vary widely (cutaneous melanoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). In addition, HiReSIC will also assess adherence to clinical treatment guidelines according to socio-economic group and estimate the economic burden of cancer inequalities. To this end, HiReSIC will use the most advanced epidemiological methods, including spatial analysis, multilevel modelling, net survival and economic evaluation. The project is expected to be implemented over a period of three years by a multidisciplinary team of clinical and methodological epidemiologists, demographers and statisticians.