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What are the population groups most vulnerable to mental disorders after confinement? What risk factors increase the negative consequences for mental health after confinement?

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About the project

The effects of the confinement because of the COVID-19 on mental health in the medium term.


Summary of the idea:

The measures adopted to control the spread of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 included restrictions on mobility and social interaction that affected the population's lifestyle. The aim of this research proposal is to assess the long-term consequences of the confinement carried out during the first wave of the pandemic on the mental health of the general population aged 18 and over in the Girona area and to identify vulnerable groups and risk factors.


Objectives, impact and proposed solution:

We propose to carry out a telephone survey of a sample of the general population aged 18 and over from the Girona, Healthy Region study, which is an ongoing observational and population-based study aimed at identifying the determinants of healthy lifestyles in the population aged 18 and over in the Girona area. This proposal is innovative because:

  1. The sample has already been recruited and the participants were selected by a random sampling procedure stratified according to the structure of the population.
  2. We have pre-final physical and mental health data (data collection between February 2019 and January 2020).
  3. We have physical and mental health data collected during the period of confinement (telephone survey conducted between 8 April and 4 May 2020).
  4. We propose to carry out a longitudinal follow-up of the participants in the study.