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Odisea app streamlines management of the Infarction Code

18 April 2023

A new tool aims to improve the coordination, information flow and treatment time of patients who have suffered an acute infarction and are transferred to a tertiary hospital as an emergency. This is the Odisea app, a tool that streamlines procedures from the moment the patient gives the alarm signal. In the event of a Code Heart Attack, time is life!

The tool has been developed by the the Biomedical Research Institute of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI), University Hospital of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta, the University Institute of Primary Care Research (IDIAP) Jordi Gol, and the University of Girona (UdG).It is already being used since September 2021 in the Girona Health Region between the University Hospital of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta, the reference hospital in the region, the emergency services of the other regional hospitals and the SEM.

The operation of the app is very simple: when one of the healthcare devices receives a patient who has triggered the activation of the Infarction Code, they include the case data in the app, including the electrocardiogram images. Sharing this information allows the Cardiology team at Hospital Trueta to instantly assess the patient's condition through a mobile device or tablet and, therefore, can guide the professionals who are attending the patient.

The application also includes a chat through which the medical staff of the different centers can exchange impressions and clinical guidance in real time. The app incorporates a geolocation system that allows the user to know at all times where the patient is in the hospital transfer.

Once the patient has been treated, all the clinical information continues to be sent to the application, so that the professionals of the regional hospitals that have attended the cases in the first instance can follow the evolution of the patients.

Below, you can watch the explanatory video of the application.


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