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The Official College of Psychology of Catalonia in Girona collaborates with biomedical research at IDIBGI

29 September 2022

The Girona branch of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia (COPC) has signed an agreement this week to support the Biomedical Research Institute of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI). This agreement aims to consolidate the long-standing collaboration between the COPC of Girona and the Girona biomedical research centre.

"The collaboration between the COPC and a research institute such as IDIBGI is essential to create a link between clinical practice and the world of research," says Francesc Molinero Ruiz, president of the Governing Board of the Girona Delegation of the COPC. Molinero adds: "Academic institutions are often far removed from professional practice, and professional practice is sometimes also far removed from the latest scientific advances. Creating a link between both worlds seems very important to us in order to improve professional practice".

About the Girona branch of the COPC

The Girona Delegation of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia is the meeting and activity centre of the psychologists and psychologists attached to the counties of Girona and provides services to them and the public as training, mediations, directory of psychology professionals, etc.


The Dr. Josep Trueta Biomedical Research Institute of Girona (IDIBGI) is the only biomedical research institute in the counties of Girona, dedicated to research in six areas of health. Its research activity aims to increase knowledge of numerous diseases in order to improve their diagnosis, treatment and prevention, while also improving people's quality of life.


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