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The Research Group in Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics of Girona (ONCORFIM Girona) is a multidisciplinary group whose mission is to improve oncological outcomes and quality of life of our patients by applying new technologies.

The way to achieve this goal, will be from the following key points for us.

  1. Minimize the dose received in critical organs and improve clinical outcomes.
  2. Predict response and toxicity to radiotherapy treatment.
  3. Use new digital technologies to achieve the previously described (ICOnnecta't).
Main lines of research

Line 1: Prevention of cardiotoxicity and radiotherapy in breast cancer.

Prevention of cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients undergoing cardiotoxic treatments such as radiotherapy (Arantxa Eraso).

Cardiotoxicity in external radiotherapy: clinical impact of the dose delivered (Ingrid Romera).

The following projects are underway within this line:

  • Horizon 2020 Project Medirad. Early detection of cardiovascular changes after radiotherapy in breast cancer. Reference: EARLY-HEART. Principal Investigator: Arantxa Eraso.
  • Development and clinical implementation of the DIFGI device in forced inspiration techniques maintained in left breast cancer treatments with external radiotherapy to reduce the dose to the heart. Doctoral candidate: Ingrid Romera. Thesis supervisors: Joan Carles Vilanova and Rafael Fuentes.
  • Impact of a structured physical exercise program and control of cardiovascular risk factors in the primary prevention of cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients undergoing cardiotoxic treatments: Estudi PREV (Arantxa Eraso).

Line 2: Technological advances in radiotherapy (ablative radiotherapy, intraoperative radiotherapy techniques, new techniques and quality in radiotherapy).

  • Use of Intraoperative Radiotherapy in breast neoplasia. Reference: RIOMA. Principal Investigator: Arantxa Eraso.
  • Phase II trial of Electronic Brachytherapy in the post-surgical treatment of endometrial cancer (Hugo Rosales and Ester Oliva).
  • Ablative radiotherapy in different locations, the most innovative being the Pancreatic SBRT (Eugeni Canals).
  • Dose determination, technology and quality in external radiotherapy (Diego Jurado Bruggeman).
  • Clinical impact of dose calculation in external radiotherapy and associated technological and quality assurance aspects (Carles Muñoz Montplet).

Line 3: Biomarkers of response to radiotherapy.

  • Radiogenomics: identification of biomarkers by genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and exome sequencing (WES) in extreme phenotypes.
  • Radiosensitivity studies in cancer patients at high risk of toxicity. Reference: PRED-RAD. Collaborating researchers: Arantxa Eraso, Rafael Fuentes and Àlvar Roselló.

Line 4: e-Health and humanization in the Radiation Oncology process.

  • Online screening and monitoring of symptomatology secondary to Radiation therapy treatment of digestive tumors: a prospective controlled clinical trial.
  • Prostate Cancer Outcomes Global initiative to compare and reduce variation in localized prostate cancer. Reference: PCO-CRV. Principal Investigator: Àlvar Roselló.

IROCATES: Quality improvement in Radiation Oncology through Clinical Audits. Principal Investigators: Carles Muñoz and Àlvar Roselló.

Strategic objectives

The objective of the group is to conduct research in the hospital setting in an area in which technological advances are oriented towards the modification of clinical practice towards personalized and precision medicine: Treatment for the right patient vs. treatment for a disease.


Rubió-Casadevall J, Ciurana E, Puigdemont M, Sanvisens A, Marruecos J, Miró J, Urban A, Palhua RL, Martín-Romero F, Ortiz-Duran MR, Marcos-Gragera R

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Sequential chemotherapy regimen of induction with panitumumab and paclitaxel followed by radiotherapy and panitumumab in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer unfit for platinum derivatives. The phase II, PANTERA/TTCC-2010-06 study.


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Randomized placebo-controlled phase II trial of high-dose melatonin mucoadhesive oral gel for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiation therapy concurrent with systemic treatment.


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Competitive projects

Carles Muñoz, Ingrid Romera, Diego Jurado, Jordi Marruecos, Salvador Bou, Roger Grèbol.
Número de publicació: ES1165083
Data de publicació: 2016-09-21

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