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The Metabolism and Cancer group adopts the view that cancer diseases are governed by metabolic reprogramming. Our laboratory pursues to understand the contribution of dysregulated metabolism in cancer initiation, drug resistance, and metastatic progression using laboratory-based experimental and computational tools through completion of clinical proof-of-efficacy in cancer patients.

Main lines of research
  1. Metabolism and cancer
  • Mechanistic understanding of metabolism-driven tumorigenesis
  • Metabolic mechanisms of cancer drug resistance
  • Identification of metabolic vulnerabilities as pharmacological targets for cancer therapy
  • Metabolomics and metabolic markers for early detection and clinical monitoring of cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic resistance
  • Metabolo-epigenetics: Molecular aspects, computational modeling, and therapeutic development of precision medicine approaches


  1. Mitochondrial dynamics and cancer
  • Role of autophagy and mitochondria fussion/fission in the generation of cancer stem cells
  • Mitochondrial dynamics-targeted therapeutics for cancer therapy


  1. Natural biocompounds and cancer
  • Discovery and molecular characterization of natural biocompounds with anti-cancer properties
  • Pre-clinical development and clinical evaluation of natural biocompounds-based anti-cancer drugs


  1. Metabolo-immunotherapy
  • Identification of metabolic nodes and small-molecule metabolites essential for the regulation of immune checkpoints in cancer cells
  • Metabolic and dietary interventions to boost the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs).
  • Computational development and pre-clinical validation of in silico clinical trials platforms for testing new metabolo-immunotherapy approaches


  1. Computational systems biology in aging-driven cancer
  • Conceptual frameworks, stochastic tools, and wet-lab validation of metabolic and metabolo-epigenetic models of aging-driven cancer
Strategic objectives

To advance new metabolism-based anti-cancer therapeutics.


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Competitive projects
Codi oficial: PID2019-104055GB-I00 Start date:01/06/2020 Data fi: 31/05/2023 Investigador/a principal: JAVIER ABEL MENÉNDEZ MENÉNDEZ Organisme finançador: MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y COMPETITIVIDAD MINECO / Ajuda: 242,000 €
Codi oficial: CP20/00003 Start date:01/01/2021 Data fi: 31/12/2025 Investigador/a principal: ELISABET CUYÀS NAVARRO Organisme finançador: INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III Ajuda: 202,500 €
Codi oficial: La Marató 201906-30 Start date:30/09/2020 Data fi: 29/09/2023 Investigador/a principal: JOAQUIM BOSCH BARRERA Organisme finançador: FUNDACIO LA MARATO TV3 Ajuda: 109,562.50 €

Valiente Cortés Manuel, Priego Bendeck Neibla, Bosch Barrera Joaquim
Número de publicació: EP20170382891
Data de publicació: 2019-06-26

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