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The Metabolic and Maternal-fetal research group is a multidisciplinary research group (basic researchers, clinicians, paediatricians and gynaecologists) that studies different metabolic and (epi)genetic markers associated with maternal and new-born metabolism for early identification of paediatric population at risk of developing metabolic diseases and obesity.

Main lines of research

Identification of metabolic and (epi)genetic markers associated with metabolic alterations in pregnancy and new-borns, and their relationship to pre- and post-natal growth.

Strategic objectives

The metabolic research group is characterized by extensive experience in both clinical and applied basic research, endorsed by competitive and overlapping funding from national and European research projects, as well as by publications in international journals in the field of the first quartile and decile in the line of energy metabolism from gestation to the paediatric age.

The group’s strategic objectives are below:

  • Cardiometabolic risk markers in the paediatric age
  • Metabolic programming during pregnancy
  • Epigenetics of development: miRNA and DNA methylation
  • Pathophysiological bases of low birth weight
  • Pharmacological reversibility of metabolic programming
  • New technologies applied to maternal and child health
Carreras-Badosa G, Remesar X, Prats-Puig A, Xargay-Torrent S, Lizarraga-Mollinedo E, de Zegher F, Ibáñez L, Bassols J, López-Bermejo A

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Insulin resistance, C-reactive protein, diastolic to systolic blood pressure ratio and epicardial fat are related to sedentary time, and inversely related to physical activity in school-aged children

Frontiers in Public Health, 2024, 12
Marzuillo P, Carreras-Badosa G, Martínez-Calcerrada JM, Guarino S, Palma PL, Petrone D, Miraglia Del Giudice E, Bassols J, López-Bermejo A

Body surface area-based kidney length percentiles misdiagnose small kidneys in children with overweight/obesity

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Effects of half-dose spiomet treatment in girls with early puberty and accelerated bone maturation: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study protocol

Trials, 2023, 24, 56-56
Competitive projects
Codi oficial: PI20/00399 Start date:01/01/2021 Data fi: 31/12/2024 Investigador/a principal: JUDIT BASSOLS CASADEVALL Organisme finançador: INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III
Codi oficial: PI23/00545 Start date:01/01/2024 Data fi: 31/12/2024 Investigador/a principal: JUDIT BASSOLS CASADEVALL Organisme finançador: INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III
Codi oficial: NUTRIENTS_2024_AGV Start date:26/03/2024 Data fi: 31/12/2024 Investigador/a principal: ARIADNA GÓMEZ VILARRUBLA Organisme finançador: MDPI AG
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