Medical imaging

The research of the group has been focused on the validation and qualification of Imaging Biomarkers on Medicine. We have published relevant papers mainly on Stroke and Brain tumors imaging. The group is international leader in the research about the utility of diffusion Tensor Imaging (dTI) in the management of stroke patients to predict the clinical outcome.

Strategic objectives

Validation of Imaging Biomarkers.


Main line of research

· Validation of the usefulness of Diffusion Tensor in the management and prognosis of stroke patients.

· Validation of the usefulness of Diffusion Tensor in the assessment of the evolution time of stroke. 

· Validation of the usefulness of the Diffusion/FLAIR mismatch in the treatment of patients with wake-up stroke. 

· Validation of perfusion CT in the diagnosis of stroke. 

· Usefulness of the study of arterial wall elasticity in the prediction of cardiovascular risk. 

· Usefulness of intravascular contrast in defining the real extension of aggressive brain tumors. 

· Usefulness of the Diffusion Tensor in the assessment of lumbar disc degeneration.

· Validation of echographic biomarkers (mean intimamedia index degree d; hepatic steatosis) on estimating the metabolic syndrome in obese patients. 

· Usefulness of Diffusion Tensor in the management of patients with hydrocephaly.


Main researcher

Salvador Pedraza


Post-doctorate researchers 

Gerard Blasco

Josep Puig Alcántara


Pre-doctorate researchers

Gerard Carbó

Victor Cuba

Alfredo Gimeno


Medical researchers 

Brigite Beltran

Laia Valls



Josep Daunis



Joan Banyos

Carles Biarnés



Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr. Josep Trueta
Avd. de França s/n 17007 Girona

Elda Balliu

Elda Balliu

Jorge Guibernau

Jorge Guibernau

Josep Puig

Josep Puig

Gerard Blasco

Gerard Blasco

Elsa Pérez

Elsa Pérez

Laia Valls

Laia Valls

Brigite Beltran

Brigite Beltran

WAKEUP. Efficacy and safety of MRI-based thrombolysis in wake-up stroke: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Finançat per: European Union-VII programme” REF:  No 278276

Durada: des de 2011 fins a 2016

Investigador responsable: Chistian Gerlof


Desarrollo de un biomarcador radiologico basado en el análisis de la conectividad estructural y funcional en pacientes con infarto cerebral agudo para la predicción de la recuperación funcional.

Finançat per: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Durada: des de 2014 fins a 2016

Investigador responsable: Salvador Pedraza


EPI_CT. Estudi de cohort de nens amb exposició diagnóstica substancial a radiacions ionitzants.

Finançat per: European Union-VII programme

Durada: des de 2012 fins a 2015

Investigador responsable: Salvador Pedraza

Caracterización preclínica de la inhibición de la sintasa de ácidos grasos (FASN) en modelos resistentes a fármacos anti-HER2.

Finançat per: UdG

Durada: des de 2012 fins a 2013

Investigador responsable: Teresa Puig


Developing computer radiological game as a tool for problem based-learning (PBL) of Radiology for undergraduate medical education (MEDGAME).

Finançat per: RSNA

Durada: des de 2012 fins a 2013

Investigador responsable: Salvador Pedraza


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