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The third "Sopar dels Miralls" will be held on 30 September

1 July 2022
  • After the wait forced by Covid-19, the solidarity event is back to continue advancing biomedical research in Girona, which will be held at the Hotel Camiral PGA Catalunya.
  • Different public personalities from the media, culture, science, business and politics will host the evening, and guests will be able to share a table with them.
  • The funds raised at this charity dinner will be used to support biomedical research at the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI).

The “Sopar dels Miralls” is back, an innovative and unique social event organised to raise funds for research for the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI). The third edition of this dinner, organised by Desig Events, is set to take place on Friday 30 September at the Hotel Camiral PGA Catalunya. This edition was scheduled for March 2020, but a few days before, the outbreak of the pandemic made it impossible for it to take place. Now, after a few attempts, the normality will be restored by recovering this social and solidarity initiative.

The format of this event was very well received by the participants. That is why this new edition of the dinner is being promoted with the aim of consolidating it, counting on the complicity of the people linked to IDIBGI.

The Sopar dels Miralls is an opportunity to share a table with the person you admire, accompanied by a good cause and an emblematic space.

Hosts such as Carme Ruscalleda, Tomás Molina, Jaime Alonso-Cuevillas, Josep Carreras and Pilar Rahola have participated in previous editions. The Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) is the only biomedical research centre in the counties of Girona, dedicated to research in six areas of health. Its excellent research activity is aimed at improving knowledge of numerous diseases in order to innovate in their diagnosis, treatment and prevention, improving people's quality of life. From IDIBGI we would like to thank the promotion of this emblematic initiative in Desig Esdeveniments, to all the collaborators, hosts and participants for making possible its resumption after the forced stoppage due to COVID-19. Thank you for joining this great cause!


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