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The "Sopar dels Miralls" gets ready with hosts Martí Gironell and Vanessa Nueda

9 September 2022
  • The third edition of this evening of solidarity was presented yesterday at BMW Oliva Motor in Salt, sponsors of the event.
  • The Sopar dels Miralls 2022 will be held at the Hotel Camiral of the PGA Golf de Catalunya on Friday 30 September.
  • Anyone who wishes can share a table with public personalities from the world of communication, culture, science and business, who will host the evening.
  • The funds raised at this charity dinner will go towards financing biomedical research at the Girona Biomedical Research Institute. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI).

Everything is ready for the third edition of El Sopar dels Miralls, a unique night to raise funds for biomedical research at the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI). Two of the hosts of this evening of solidarity, journalist Martí Gironell and breast cancer survivor Vanessa Nueda, promoter of the @elcrepdemivida project on Instagram, presented the dinner yesterday at an event at BMW Oliva Motor in Salt, one of the main sponsors of the initiative.

Looking at someone, following their example and/or imitating them is a desire shared by many people, young and old. The opportunity to share a table with the person you admire, accompanied by a good cause and an emblematic space, is the formula that generates The Mirror Dinner. This year, the evening will be held on Friday 30 September at the Hotel Camiral of the PGA Golf de Catalunya, in Caldes de Malavella. Organised by Deseo Eventos, the event aims to raise funds for the research carried out by IDIBGI.

After the break due to the pandemic, the event is back with great enthusiasm. For this year's 2022 edition, we are counting on the participation of hosts like Antoni Bassas, Joaquín Bosch, Ramon Brugada, Magda Carlas, Robert Carreras, Martí Gironell, Quim Hereu, Cristina Inés Gill, Rafael Marcos-Gragera, Tomàs Molina, Francisco Novell, Vanessa Nueda, Martí Peraferrer, Pilar Rahola, Edmond Roch, Luis Roura, Carme Ruscalleda, and Marc Timon, pending completion of the final participation.

At the same presentation, an element that has accompanied each edition was also shown: the apron, the symbol of the dinner. Courtesy of the company Aqenaika, the apron is the detail given to the hosts, who selflessly participate in this event and who are its main protagonists. This year, the apron will be pink in reference to breast cancer.

How to participate?

The Sopar dels Miralls is designed so that everyone can participate. Individuals and companies of all kinds can find a way to add to the social commitment to support biomedical research in an original and attractive way. For individuals, it can be a reason to go out for dinner, a good original gift (birthday, surprise...) or an excuse to share an evening with friends. For companies, it is an opportunity to be represented and to give visible support to an important cause, such as research to improve the health of everyone. At the same time, this is a unique experience to share with company staff, or to invite clients and/or suppliers.

The organisation allows you to choose the host with whom you want to share a table, and also offers the opportunity to propose new ones, in case you want a specific person. People who are unable to attend the dinner but would still like to contribute to the initiative can participate with the "0" dish.

Table reservations can be made through the website, by email ( or by telephone or Whatsapp (972 21 84 82 / 609312254).

The menus can be purchased individually or collectively, in the case of organisations, entities or companies that want to book an entire table with a specific host or hostess. The main idea is that a group and/or company purchases a whole table for 8 or 10 people plus the relevant person. In case you want to participate as an individual or not complementing a table, you will have to make the request with 5 options of host or hostess. In addition, there is also the option of making a surprise for someone close to you by inviting them to participate in this unique event.

The organisers of the event invite the public to propose their own names of prominent people who could join the public figures who already collaborate with the event. The price for a table of 8 people is 960 €, for a table of 10 people it is 1.200 €, for an individual menu it is 120 € and the "0" dish represents a contribution of 60 €.


The Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) is dedicated to research in mainly six areas of health: cardiovascular and respiratory, medical imaging, mental health, metabolism and inflammation, neuroscience and onco-haematology. Its research activity aims to increase knowledge of numerous diseases in order to improve their diagnosis, treatment and prevention, while also improving people's quality of life.

The IDIBGI is structured into research groups and research staff in the field of health and biomedical research and also at the University Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta de Girona (HUJT). Josep Trueta University Hospital of Girona (HUJT), the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), the Institute of Health Care (IAS), the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST), the University of Girona (UdG), and the University School of Health and Sports (EUSES). Formally constituted in 2005, the Institute has its origins in the Dr. Josep Trueta Private Foundation (1995) and since 2008 it has been public, with the entry of the Generalitat into the governing bodies.


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