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Donation of the Amics d'en Pitu association for Hematology research

21 March 2023
  • La Quina d'en Pitu and the popular escudellada of the Penya Blaugrana de Monells, organized last December, raised 13,932.13 €.
  • The full donation will go to research in the field of multiple myeloma of the Hematology research group of IDIBIGI, led by Dr. David Gallardo, hematologist at ICO Girona.

The Amics d’en Pitu association has carried out a fundraising campaign for cancer research at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI). The entity from Baix Empordà has carried out a series of multitudinous activities such as a popular escudellada and a Christmas Quina with a solidary feeling. The total amount raised was 13,972.13 €, an amount that will go to the Hematology group of IDIBGI, led by Dr. David Gallardo, head of the Hematology service of the Catalan Institute of Oncology of Girona at the Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta.

Dr. David Gallardo and Dr. Yolanda González, IDIBGI researcher and hematologist at ICO Girona, were present at the donation ceremony to receive the donation destined for research into multiple myeloma. "Receiving donations of this type is always a gesture that touches the heartstrings, since we see that people are mobilized and look for resources wherever they are. In addition, they dedicate their time and energy to help research into diseases which, in the end, are close to everyone," said Dr. Gallardo, grateful for the firm involvement shown by the organization.

"The donation gives us the necessary boost to our work, but, above all, it gives us a lot of emotional support to continue to move forward. With this we will be able to work more quickly and obtain good results, which will surely have an impact, in the not too distant future, on the cure of the disease," said Dr. González, coordinator of the functional unit of multiple myeloma in the province of Girona.

Finally, Jose Costa, one of the main promoters of the Amics d'en Pitu association, along with Jordi Camacho and Benet Cuyàs, said: "We had already organized other events of this type, and when we told Pitu and his family, he was very excited. It meant a lot to us, and his wish was to raise money for research. Thanks to this, we managed to get many people to join the initiative and participate with us". The Amics d'en Pitu association, was born from the home environment of Pitu Cané, who was a patient of ICO Girona and left us a few months ago because of multiple myeloma.

They want to continue collaborating in solidarity

The activity of the Amics d'en Pitu association continues with the solidarity concert Música per en Pitu, which will take place on April 15 in Corçà. With a tribute to his person and his struggle, from 5 pm and with an entrance fee of 5 €, will begin a series of recreational and solidarity events to continue raising funds.

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Solidarity concert poster: Música per en Pitu / (Image credit: Amics d'en Pitu)


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