The IDIBGI does not only focus its innovative role on the biomedical area. The Girona region is very complete from a medical and public health point of view. Thus, the Knowledge Transfer Department and the Scientific Management are working continuously to bring together Girona’s different stakeholders (knowledge transfer) and, at the same time, to broaden its aims to include the region’s business and technology sectors.
Although innovation is often viewed as the capacity to find new compounds to treat patients, at the IDIBGI we are also working to add value and innovate in other very important and strategic aspects, which in many cases have a direct and much faster impact on the patients and users of our healthcare and community health system.
Examples of some of the work we have been carrying out recently include developing projects related with the area of dementia, clinical guidelines, protocols,
tools and resources for families with members affected by a degenerative disease and even questionnaires used by doctors in primary care centres and in
pharmaceutical company forms to better evaluate the patient’s condition. Not all of our work ends up patented, as these cases are the minority, but it is important to bear in mind that this is not always the best option or the best way to enable the knowledge gathered by our institution from all its participating centres and services to reach the market, patients, users of the system and companies. 
The most valuable asset we have in Girona is the fluid connection shared by all of our stakeholders. For this reason, the goal of the IDIBGI and its knowledge transfer and scientific coordination unit is, and will continue to be, the creation of added value through collaboration, transversality, talent and publicising the work of all the groups conducting research in and with the IDIBGI.