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Technical and scientific advice

  • Creation and management of new collections (samples and associated data)
  • Advice on technical and methodological procedures for correctly obtaining, handling, processing, storing and using biological samples
  • Coordination of sample collections in multicentric studies
  • Advice and training on ethical and legal aspects referring to obtaining and using biological samples
  • Support in the search for samples in other biobanks (The IDIBGI Biobank is part of the National Biobank Network)
  • Training for the use of Biobank equipment

Registration and custody

  • Management of biobank-type collections, project and line of research (samples, data and associated documentation)
  • Registration of collections of the line of investigation in the National Registry of Biobanks (Instituto de Salud Carlos III)
  • Storage and conservation of biological samples (freezers and nitrogen tanks)
  • Monitoring of cold equipment in real time. 24h service for alarms, incidents, etc.
  • Preparation of historical reports on temperature control for cooling equipment

Technical services (histological, cellular and molecular)

  • Processing, isolation of samples and aliquoting of their derivatives (total blood, hematic derivatives, urine, stool, tissue, etc.)
  • Frozen and paraffin block tissue processing (microscopy, histological sectioning, freezing and making paraffin blocks)
  • Basic histological and immunohistochemical stains
  • DNA / RNA extraction from peripheral blood or "buffy coat"
  • DNA / RNA extraction from frozen or paraffinized tissue
  • Quantification and control of the quality of DNA / RNA
  • Equipment and material at the Biobank available to the researchers (use subject to prior consent)

Transfer of samples

Management of requests for biological samples and associated clinical data:

  • Reception of requests
  • Processing with the committees external to the Biobank (ethical and scientific)
  • Support in the preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Elaboration and shipment of the transfer agreements (MTA) of the biological material and associated data
  • Preparation and shipping of the samples and the associated data to applicants


Previous fees that are no longer in force: