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One of the missions of the IDIBGI is to be a sponsor of science and to focus research activity towards the general public, both in the districts of the province of Girona and in the rest of Catalonia.

We want to promote scientific dissemination (organising activities, experiences, exhibitions, etc.) to publicize research, scientific activities and the results obtained to the public, and specifically to those who are not professionals in the health sector. Despite focusing some of the scientific dissemination initiatives carried out at the institution on children and adolescents, in order to encourage scientific culture and spirit and to motivate talent in research, over the years we have approached audiences of all ages with the following activities:

  • Guided visits to the IDIBGI laboratories for secondary schools.
  • Guided visits to the IDIBGI laboratories for businesspeople, NGOs, patient’s associations, patients and private citizens.
  • Hosts of the Dones Científiques 2020 exhibition at the Museu de l’Aigua in Salt and the organization of the Round Table (Women in Science).
  • European Researchers’ Night and other scientific dissemination activities.
  • Public presentations of the IDIBGI to schools, associations, businesses and the media.
  • Open days.
  • Participation in the “Fira de Mostres” in Girona (2018 and 2019).

Visits to the facilities

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