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Oren Contreras-Rodríguez is a Miguel Servet Fellow at the Medical Imaging Lab of the Biomedical Research Institute Dr. Josep Trueta (IDIBGI), and associate Professor of the Department of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Dr. Contreras-Rodríguez’s research aims at identifying neural markers associated with obesity conditions, eating and related affective behaviors, that may be useful to predict the success of weight loss treatments. In addition, her research aims to identify the mechanisms implicated in the dysregulation of implicated neural circuits, including the influence of the gut microbiota, and the consumption of ultra-processed foods and drinks products.  To this end, Dr. Contreras-Rodriguez lab combines anatomical and functional imaging brain data, psychological and neurocognitive assessments, diet, and other related clinical variables (metabolism, inflammation) in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies.


Intramurals 2021, CIBERSAM: “Ultra-processed food intake, depression, and treatment effectiveness in adolescents”. Responsible Researcher: Oren Contreras Rodriguez. Awarded in 2021. 25,000 euros.


Miguel Servet, ISCIII: “Ultra-processed foods and prefrontal development in adolescence (UP-PREdev)” Responsible Researcher: Oren Contreras Rodriguez. Awarded in 2021. 40,000 euros.


Proyectos I+D+I, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: “Ultra-processed food consumption in the rodent adolescent prefrontal cortex and emotional functioning

(UPF-AdoPFCx). Responsible Researcher: Rosa M Escorihuela, Montserrat Solanas. Awarded in 2021. 145.200 euros. Role: Collaborator.


Health Research 2020 La Caixa: “Succinate/sucnr1 axis: a novel target for anti-obesity therapies”. Responsible Researcher: Sonia Fernández-Veledo. Awarded in 2020. Role: Collaborator (responsible for Neuroimaging study in WP4). 998,902.50 euros.


POCTEFA 2014-2020: “Thinkgut project (EFA345/19): Personalized prediction of cognition through the human microbiota”. Responsible researcher: Jose Manuel Fernandez-real. awarded in 2019. Role: Collaborator.


H-2012-0419 “Food Addiction in the Young Australian Adult Population: A Cross-sectional study.” Responsible researcher: Tracy Burrows.


FIS PI19/01171 (Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and University): "State learning in the orbitofrontal cortex: a combined neuroimaging and computational psychiatry study in obsessive-compulsive disorder." Responsible researcher: Carles Soriano-Mas. Awarded in 2019. Role: Collaborator. 106.480 euros.


PSI2013-42792R (Spanish Ministry of economy and competitiveness):“Neuropsychological and brain functioning in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) perpetrators”. Responsible researcher: Miguel Pérez Garcia. Awarded in 2014-2017. Role: Collaborator. 90.750 euros.


PI16/00889 project (Spanish Ministry of economy and competitiveness): “El modelo de incertidumbre-anticipación: uso de la neuroimagen funcional para predecir
la trayectoria de los síntomas de ansiedad y caracterizar las alteraciones cerebrales
”. Responsible researcher: Carles Soriano Mas. Awarded in 2016. Role: Collaborator. 111.320 euros.


Llavor i Producte, modalitat A (Agencia de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca, AGAUR): “A web-based platform for the identification of fronto-subcortical connectivity disruptions in brain disorders”. Responsible researcher: Carles Soriano-Mas. Awarded in 2017. Role: Entrepreneur Researcher. In collaboration with MintLabs ( 35.000 euros.


PI12/02019 project (Spanish Ministry of economy and competitiveness): “Clinic, neuroanatomic and functional magnetic resonance study with Down Syndrome subjects with and without Dementia: predictive patterns for the dementia development.” Responsible researcher: Ramón Novell Alsina. Awarded in 2012. Role: Collaborator. 86.515 euros


SAF2010-19434 project (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation): “Assessment of functional connectivity using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) in Fibromyalgia patients. Comparison with Chronic Pain states”. Responsible researcher: Joan Deus Yela. Awarded in 2011. Role: Collaborator. 80.000 euros.


SAF2010-19434 project (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation): “Assessment of the brain functional connectivity using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) in Fibromyalgia patients”. Responsible researcher: Joan Deus Yela. Awarded in 2010. 107.000 euros.


PI12/00514 project (Spanish Ministry of economy and competitiveness): “Towards a body area to measure stress levels”. Responsible researcher: Jordi Aguiló. Awarded in 2012. Role: Collaborator (1 year). 209.330 euros.



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