The selective process is open for the coverage of 1 vacancy for research support for a project led by Dr. Olga Tura-Ceide at Servei de Pneumologia, Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr. Josep Trueta, BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF GIRONA (IDIBGI) to apply to 3-year Sara Borrell contract or similar type of postdoctoral fellowships.

Postdoctoral Researcher


Functions to be developed:

  • Study the role of endothelial dysfunction in endothelial cells derived from patients with pulmonary hypertension.
  • The research will be focused on identifying novel mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction, angiogenesis, metabolism, organoid 3D systems, oxidative stress and animal models.
  • Molecular and cellular techniques, in vitro 3D and in vivo animal models will be used.


Requirements of the candidates:

  • Ph.D. in Life Science discipline obtained after January 1st, 2016 (or earlier when exceptions apply).


It will be valued:

  • Previous experience in molecular and cellular biology research in endothelial cells.
  • Good publication record as the first-second-senior-corresponding author in high impact factor journals (Q1) during 2015-2020.
  • Postdoctoral experience abroad (>1 year).
  • Hardworking, responsible and able to work independently.


We offer:

  • Type of contract: Temporary
  • Week: 40 hours per week
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Expected incorporation: Due to resolution.
  • The annual gross remuneration inherent to the vacancy subject to this call, will be determined based on the fellowship.


Submission of Applications:

Send a Motivation Letter, specifying the Job Reference and the personal motivation of the application, enclosing the Curriculum Vitae and the documentation that certifies the merits outlined and the qualifications obtained.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to (indicate the job reference on the subject)



From the publication of this call until February 16th, 2020

Oferta de treball



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