Cicle de Conferències IDIBGI

Des de l'IDIBGI es vol incentivar la formació i la continua actualització dels coneixements multidisciplinars de la investigació. Per aquest
motiu, aquest any 2018 es vol endegar el cicle de conferències de l'IDIBGI 2018.
El Cicle de Conferències consistirà en 10 seminaris realitzats per diferents profesionals del sector, on es
presentarán i es debatran sobre diversos aspectes i diferents línies d'investigació.
Lloc: Sala d'Actes Hospital Santa Caterina
Dia: darrer dimecres de cada mes 15.00h-16.00h
Aforament Limitat
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Science is a field of work that moves forward from surprise to surprise. The evidences of a high ranked taxon within the metazoans (bdelloid rotifers) still reproducing asexually (i.e., clonal reproduction) after 4x107 years of evolutionary history coined the term “evolutionary scandal” for bdelloid rotifers1. Within this group of animals, Adineta vaga appears as an interesting model due to its degenerated tetraploidy, lacking homologous pairs of chromosomes (a keystone for meiotic processes), after genome sequencing. In fact, allelic regions in A. vaga are massively rearranged thus evidencing the absence of meiosis in this bdelloid rotifer lineage. Furthermore, A. vaga females can resist and survive to stressful situations (i.e., desiccation or proton radiation) that induce severe genome damage (i.e., DNA double strand breaks) with no or little viability reduction.

I will present you some currently ongoing projects to decipher the peculiar genomic structure in A. vaga and by extension in bdelloid rotifers by using their capacity to survive to stressful situations (i.e., long desiccation periods and/or strong proton radiation events). The methodological approach is based on the use of clonal cultures of A. vaga adult females exposed to severe genome damage that induce structural variations in the lab and subsequent follow up of their resulting repaired genome by means of Illumina® sequencing.

Current results, pointed towards a nearly reparation to the identical when compared to available published data thus highlighting their amazing behaviour and capabilities. It’s worth to mention, at the same time, that currently available structural variation analytical tools are somehow not suitable to deal with non-reducible to haploidy genomes, thus increasing the need for new sequencing and bioinformatic tools.


1. Maynard Smith, J. Contemplating life without sex. Nature 324, 300–301 (1986).

2. Flot, J. F. et al. Genomic evidence for ameiotic evolution in the bdelloid rotifer Adineta vaga. Nature 500, 453–457 (2013).